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2024欧洲杯下注True to learn from Marxist's housekeeping skills

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"Increases wisdom to learn, It is to realize the law from the party's scientific theory、 Bright direction、 Learning method、 Increase wisdom, Turn the home skills、 Xingxu Party skills、 Learning of the strong country's ability。 "General Secretary Xi Jinping elaborated the 2024欧洲杯下注important connotation of" increasing wisdom with learning "when listening to the work report of the Shaanxi Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government, It clearly puts forward a series of practical requirements。

Theoretical cultivation is the core of the comprehensive quality of leading cadres。 Members of the majority of party、 Cadres must tak2024欧洲杯下注e the theme education as an opportunity, Emphasize in the deep enlightenment of learning, 2024欧洲杯下注True to learn from Marxist's housekeeping skills, Consciously use Xi Jinping's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics to guide various tasks。

Correct learning attitude, Activity of enhanced learning。 The folks of Liangjiahe, Shaanxi still remember when Co2024欧洲杯下注mrade Xi Jinping came to cut in, All the two luggage in the portable of you are full of books, Busy labor, He still reads under the dark kerosene lamp in the cave until late at night。 In reality, If the political stand is not high enough, The active of learning、 Insufficient consciousness, I will be too busy with work、 No enough time and other excuses。 Construction of a strong country、 O2024欧洲杯下注n the new journey of national rejuvenation, Promoting the pioneering cause of the former non -ancient people, It will inevitably encounter a large number of new topics that have never appeared、 Encounter various difficulties and dangers、 It is a major test that has suffered a lot of wind and waves and even stormy waves。党员、 Cadres must enhance the sense of urgency of learning, Endogenous 2024欧洲杯下注motivation to enhance learning, Consciously observe the new situation with the innovation theory of the party in the new era、 Research new situation、 Solve new problems, More calmly responsible for the historical mission given by the times。

Clear learning target, Enhanced learning targeted。 Learning enthusiasm is not high、 Interest is not strong, A very impo2024欧洲杯下注rtant reason is that theoretical learning is out of actual, Lack of clear goals and pertinence。 Learning goals are clear enough, Learn with questions, enough to learn about the relevant situation when studying, Number of problems in existence, You can be more "targeted" when you learn, The problem of "can't learn" naturally solves it。 In the theme education, It is necessary to combine co2024欧洲杯下注mprehensive learning and focusing on, Both the overall grasp, Highlighting the key points, Tightly combined with the needs of work responsibilities, Prevent learning and work "two skin", What to focus on what you do、 What is the key to make up for something, Learn new knowledge and new skills related to your job, Constantly improving the necessary knowledge system for performers, Effecti2024欧洲杯下注vely transform the learning results into work motivation and results。

Reight method and method, Enhance the vividness of learning。 Since the new era, The theoretical innovation and practical innovation of the party are very vivid, Our learning should also be vivid。 For party members、 For the cadre, Let the theoretical learning active, Always maintain a disti2024欧洲杯下注nctive sense of the times, can you learn。 We must closely combine the magnificent historical process and great change of the new era, Deeply grasp the practical foundation of Xi Jinping's new era of socialist ideas with Chinese characteristics; closely combining the unity of the great struggle、 Great Project、 Great Business、 Great Dream, Coordinated the over2024欧洲杯下注all layout of the "Five -State"、 Coordinated and promoted the era requirements of the "four comprehensive" strategic layout, Deep grasp of this new idea, 2024欧洲杯下注new ideas and strategy for governing the country and governing the country, Continuous improvement methods and methods, Rich learning content, Stimulate learning enthusiasm to the greatest extent。

"Chu Xiaoli c2024欧洲杯下注an't be pregnant, 绠 Short those who are short can not draw deep。 "" Party member、 Cadres are in an unprecedented era of change, The great cause of no ancients before, To promote the theme education solidly, the theme education goes deeply, Learn to cast soul、 Learn to increase wisdom、 Learning to righteousness、 Promoting dry, Relying on learning to open a career to develop a new world。

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