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2024欧洲杯下注2024欧洲杯下注[Lixiang China] Injecting "Youth Power" for the construction of a strong country for network

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2024欧洲杯下注Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, The Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core attaches great importance to network security and informatization, Clearly propose the strategic goal of the c2024欧洲杯下注onstruction of a web power, Promoting historic achievements in promoting the business of online information、 Historical changes occurred。 General Secretary Xi Jinping's important idea of ​​online power, It is an important part of Xi Jinping's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics, It is the theoretical summary of our party management network management experience and the acti2024欧洲杯下注on guide for the development of the Internet information industry。 The construction of a web power is an important way to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, It is also the historical mission and responsibility of youth in the new era。

The guardian of the Internet space。 Cyber ​​security and network space is an important foundation and guarantee for the construction of 2024欧洲杯下注a web power。 Young people in the new era should play the following role: to ensure network security, Preventing network risk, To learn and master network security knowledge and skills, Improve network security awareness and ability, Actively participate in network security protection and emergency response, Effectively resisting network attacks and destructi2024欧洲杯下注on; building network space, Optimize the network environment, Youth is the main participant and builder of network space, We must abide by online laws and regulations and moral norms, Maintenance of network order and public order and good customs, Communication network positive energy and civilized information, Create a clear and healthy atmosphere of the Internet; promote network develo2024欧洲杯下注pment, Create network value, Youth is an important driving force and source of innovation in the development of the Internet, To make good use of the network platform and resources, Show your talent and potential, Realize your ideals and goals, Contribute to social progress and human well -being 。 The majority of young people should enhance network security awareness and ability, Affecti2024欧洲杯下注on for bad information and behavior on the network, Actively spread positive energy, Tell Chinese Stories, Show the image of China, Realize self -value in the construction of a web power, contribute to building a clear network space and a good network ecological environment。

Strive for the leader of Internet innovation。 Network innovation and network technology is an important driving fo2024欧洲杯下注rce for the digital age, It is also an important opportunity for youth in the new era。 In terms of promoting network innovation and network technology development, The youth in the new era plays an important role: highly digital literacy, There is a keen insight and judgment of network technology and applications, Can adapt to changes and demand of network development, Effective use of n2024欧洲杯下注etwork resources, Protecting network security, Maintain the network ecology; have a strong network innovation ability, It has rich imagination and creativity for network technology and applications, New areas and new directions that can develop network development, Empowerment to network technology; show a positive sense of network responsibility, Sober unde2024欧洲杯下注rstanding and firm belief in network security and network civilization, Can maintain network order, Communication network positive energy and civilized information; reflect a broad network vision, Have an open attitude and an inclusive mentality for the Internet world and online society, Can use the Internet platform, Promoting communication and friendship w2024欧洲杯下注ith people around the world。 The majority of young people should be brave in core technology innovation, Efforts to make breakthroughs and lead in the forefront of network development, Realize self -value in the digital age, To enhance the country's digital economy、 Digital Society、 Digital culture and other competitiveness and influence contribute。

Inheritors of the Digital Culture。 Dig2024欧洲杯下注ital culture and digital literacy are important features of the digital age。 Youth in the new era is improving digital literacy, Inheritance digital culture has advantages: youth is the creator and promoter of digital technology, Has high digital sensitivity and innovation, Can use digital technology to solve practical problems, Contribute wisdom and strength to the development of the di2024欧洲杯下注gital economy and social development; youth is the winner and user of digital information, They have strong digital information retrieval、分析、评价、交流、 Share and other abilities, Can effectively use digital resources, Improve learning and work efficiency; youth is the maintainer of digital civilization, They have good network ethics and network security awareness, Can abide by online laws an2024欧洲杯下注d regulations and specifications, Maintenance of network order and public order and good customs, Communication network positive energy and civilized information; young people are nursery and promoters of digital education, They have rich digital thinking and practical experience, Can help others cross the digital gap, Use digital equipment and services, Enjoy the convenience and happine2024欧洲杯下注ss brought by digitalization。 The majority of young people should actively cultivate digital thinking and ability, Reasonable use of digital technology services、 Work and life。

(Author is an associate professor and post -doctoral after doctoral University of Jingdezhen Ceramics University)