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Dressing a new cultural mission Gathering unity and forge ahead

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2023 year, It is the year of the start of the 20th spirit of the party。

   Facing the weird international political and economic environment and heavy and difficult reforms and development and stability tasks, The Party Central Committee wit2024欧洲杯下注h Comrade Xi Jinping as the core to unite the people of all ethnic groups in the country to take care of external pressure、 Overcoming internal difficulties, The magnificent blueprint of the 20th painting of the party, Construction in a strong country、 Take a solid step on the new journey of national rejuvenation。

   Construction of a strong country、 National Revival, Need a strong materi2024欧洲杯下注al force, It also needs strong spiritual power。

   Looking back in the past year, Publicity and ideological and cultural front consciously assume new cultural mission, Focusing on the strategic deployment of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, Strengthening thought leaders、 Constantly keeping positive innovation, The main theme of stro2024欧洲杯下注ng singing strong confidence, Provides a strong ideological guarantee for the development of the party and the country、 Powerful spiritual power、 Favorite cultural conditions。

2024欧洲杯下注   Gao Qing's thought flag

   Deepen theoretical armed forces

  2023 year10 month7 Day to8 Day, National Propaganda Ideological and Cultural Work Conference was held in Beijing。

   A series of new ideas, 2024欧洲杯下注new ideas and new assertions set by General Secretary Xi Jinping in the field of publicity and ideology, The comrades of the meeting conducted in-depth discussions。 Based on the formation of a high consensus, The meeting officially proposed Xi Jinping's cultural thought。

   Time to give birth to thought, Ideological Guide Voyage。

   Xi Jinping's cultural thought, It is the theoretical summ2024欧洲杯下注ary of the practical experience of party leadership in the new era, Rich and developed Marxist cultural theory, Cultural articles that constitute Xi Jinping's new era of socialist thought with Chinese characteristics, To do a good job of promoting ideological and cultural work in the new era and new journey、 Dressing a new cultural mission provides a strong ideological weapon and scientific action guide。

   It will be 2024欧洲杯下注learned and implemented Xi Jinping's cultural thought, Place in all aspects、 Systematic propaganda explanation Xi Jinping's big pattern of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era,2023 Annual Publicity and Ideological Culture Front has continuously promoted the party's innovation theory to penetrate people's hearts、 Roots。

   Deepen theme educat2024欧洲杯下注ion, Origining learning boom——

  2023 year11 month18 Day, A wonderful“ Time of theme education” Special learning activities were held in Binhai New District, Hai'an City, Jiangsu Province。

   In the event, Binhai New District Migrant Party members in Shanghai conduct theoretical learning、 Development and exchange, Discussion of the development of the hometown one after another, 2024欧洲杯下注pushing the atmosphere to a climax。

   From the north and south of the Great Wall, From the coast of the East China Sea to the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, Learning and implementing Xi Jinping's new era of socialist ideological theme education in the new era is carried out in depth of the whole party。

   From careful preparation of authoritative learning materials to innovative learning methods, 2024欧洲杯下注Learn the book、 Practice、 Combining on-site learning, Then to expand the learning carrier, Pay attention to visualization、 Digital learning, Launch a large number of fresh media products……

   Since the development of theme education, Publicity and ideological and cultural fronts use a series of solid and effective measures, Help the majority of party members2024欧洲杯下注、 Cadres are reading the original、 Xueyuan、 Continuous improvement in the principle of enlightenment、 Appreciation of Truth Power, For the whole party“ Big Learning” Provide strong support、 Create a strong atmosphere。

   Promoting theoretical research, The results are constantly emerging——

   Enter the Beijing Book Building,《 Xi Jinping's book selection》 Place 2024欧洲杯下注in an eye-catching position, attracted many readers to stop reading。

   As an authoritative textbook for in-depth study and implementation of the party's innovation theory, This important book of General Secretary Xi Jinping, who edited the name editor of the CPC Central Committee of the CPC Central Committee, Has become a major party member、 Cadre“ Case volume”。

   For a ye2024欧洲杯下注ar,《 Xi Jinping's new era of socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics in the new era》《 Xi Jinping's new era of socialist ideological learning outline(2023 Year version)》 Published one after another,《 Xi Jinping's Thought of the Law Thought Q&A》《 Xi Jinping diplomatic ideology Learning Q&A》 Launched one after another,《 Introduction to Xi Jinping's new 2024欧洲杯下注era of socialist thought with Chinese characteristics》 As a unified textbook for universities for ideological and political teaching……

   Theoretical results are constantly emerging, further deepening the systemicization of Xi Jinping's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era、 Learning Study Study, Further help the whole party and the 2024欧洲杯下注whole society to better understand and grasp the basic spirit of the party's innovation theory、 Basic content、 Basic requirements。

   Innovation publicity method, constantly enter the mind——

  2023 year4 month26 Day, A unique“ Micro lecture” Speaking at the Affiliated Middle School Affiliated to Tianjin University。 Around the 20th spirit of the party, Zhang Yu, 2024欧洲杯下注deputy dean of the Marxist College of Tianjin University, talks deeply, Students can converge God。

   To guide students to better grasp the party's policy policy, Tianjin University also guides students to use the theoretical knowledge learned to analyze hot issues, and via WeChat、 Douyin and other students like to see platform push, Attract more people of peers to understand the party'2024欧洲杯下注s policy、 The theory of spreading the party。

   Talk about fresh thoughts, Thoroughly speaking the thorough theory。

   Popular theoretical readings《 Chinese-style modernization face》 Convert the grand theme into a specific and sensible story、 Fresh expressions; Documentary《 Road to prosperity》 Use the lens language and case story to show co-construction“ One B2024欧洲杯下注elt One Road” The historical value and practical significance of the initiative…… Publicity and ideological and cultural front innovation expression, Promoting the party's innovation theory comes to the people, Enter the hearts of the masses。

   Let the scientific theory“ Flying into the home of ordinary people”, News media plays an important role。

   For a year, The main news media of the 2024欧洲杯下注central government carefully planned“ General Secretary's people's feelings”“ Xi Jinping's cultural footprint”“ New ideas leading the new journey” and other key columns, launched《 People's Jiangshan》《 Xi Jinping's cultural love》 other town version of the screen brushing work, and use a variety of genres in the investigation and reporting reports of the Gene2024欧洲杯下注ral Secretary, Vividly explain the new ideas and new ideas of the party's new ideas for governing the country, Show the personality charm and style of the leaders of General Secretary Xi Jinping's Great Party and Great Power.。

   Diverse theoretical learning、 Focus on cutting-edge theoretical research、 The theoretical interpretation of the silent object…… A series of new measures for publ2024欧洲杯下注icity and ideological and cultural fronts、 New results, Keep promoting the party's innovation theory to go deep、 Go in the real、 Go to your heart。

   赓 Continue Chinese Wen pulse

   Promote innovation development

  2023 year6 month1 Day, General Secretary Xi Jinping came to the China National Edition Museum Central General Museum in the north of Beijing's central axis。

   Enter the national 2024欧洲杯下注study, The eyes of the General Secretary look at the roof。 Here of the eyes, The astronomical map of the stone carvings of the Song Dynasty shows the wisdom of the ancients, Star Han Gloer、 Hao Miao Deep。 Inside the study, Near3 10,000 new Chinese boutique publications Wei Grand View。

   Wenmai Stringeng continues, Civilization is endless。

   At the cultural inheritance development 2024欧洲杯下注symposium held the next day, General Secretary Xi Jinping with cultural consciousness that penetrates ancient and modern, The five prominent features of Chinese civilization are clearly proposed, In-depth explanation“ Two combinations” The significance of the significance, Send an exciting call:

  “ Continue to promote cultural prosperity at a new starting p2024欧洲杯下注oint、 Build a cultural power、 Construction of modern civilization of the Chinese nation, It is our new cultural mission in the new era。”

   赓 Continue Chinese Wen pulse、 Inheritance civilization salary fire, Propaganda ideological and cultural front mission is like Pan、 The heavy responsibility is on the shoulder。

   For a year, Propaganda ideological and cult2024欧洲杯下注ural front deeply cultivated the rich and fertile soil of Chinese excellent traditional culture, Promote creative conversion、 Innovative development, Chinese culture“ Yichi Chunshui” Be completely activated, Restarted villain。

   Show civilized responsibility, New achievements of cultural heritage protection——

   Pingjiang History and Cultural District, 2024欧洲杯下注located in the northeast of the ancient city of Suzhou, It is the most typical preservation in Suzhou to date、 The most complete historical and cultural reserve, Have2500 For many years of long history。

  2023 year6 Since the month,“ Pingjiang Jiuxiang” Urban Update Project and“ Ancient City Protection Update Partner Plan” Continuous advance。 This Kunqu、 Boun2024欧洲杯下注cing、 Su Embroidery、 Gathering places such as 缂 silk, Show the original Gusu Fengyun。

   Guardian Culture Tradition, Keep historical root pulse。

   Symposium from holding cultural heritage protection and inheritance, To the Great Wall in an orderly manner、 Cave Temple and other major cultural relics protection projects; No. 1 from the northwest of the South China Sea、 No. 2 shipwreck site 2024欧洲杯下注and other major archeological projects made new progress, Research on the fifth stage of the Chinese civilization exploration source project to obtain new results; From“ Pu'er Jingmai Mountain Ancient Chalin Cultural Landscape” Selected《 World Heritage List》, To large-scale Chinese medicine ancient books organized and protected projects《 Chinese Medicine Col2024欧洲杯下注lection》 The first batch of results was released……

   For a year, The protection of cultural relics and cultural heritage in my country continues to increase, The protection channel and approach of intangible cultural heritage continuously expand, Chinesewen pulse stretches for prosperity、 Jiu Mi Xin。

   Promoting activation and utilization, Traditional cultur2024欧洲杯下注e stimulates the style of the times——

   Gold Mask、 Bronze Altar、 Portrait of Portrait of Bronze Riding Beast…… Sichuan Sanxingdui Museum New Museum, A piece of exquisite unearthed cultural relics is dizzying。

   Hundreds of new excavations“ Heavy equipment” Exhibition for the first time、AI Algorithm realizes the restoration of cultural relics、 Naked Eyes3D Re2024欧洲杯下注store archeology“ square cabin”, The new museum comprehensively enhances the exhibition experience, Strive to better present the story behind the cultural relics, Open a historical and cultural feast for the audience。

   Organic unity of promoting promotion of excellent traditional culture and development of real culture、 Tightly combined, Only to develop in 2024欧洲杯下注inheritance、 Inheritance in development。

   Qufu, Shandong, Large performance《 Gold Shengyu Zhen》 Show the ancient style and ancient rhyme; Qinghai Xining, Dance drama《 River》 Integrated into Qinghai Huaer、 Heya Pi Ying Patsters and many other national intangible cultural heritage; Open“ Digital Dunhuang” Website, Classic Cave、 murals can be viewed online at any time……

   Now, C2024欧洲杯下注ultural relics collected in the museum、 Heritage displayed on the vast land、 The text written in ancient books is gradually alive, Give the new era of the new era of excellent traditional culture、 expression form and vitality。

   Infilt the people's heart field, The people's culture is increasingly rising——

  6600 10,000 people! This is2023 New Year's Eve National Day holiday, 2024欧洲杯下注The total audience received by the National Museum。

   In Beijing, The three major cultural buildings of the China Archaeological Museum and the Beijing Urban Sub-center, etc.; In Xi'an, Many young people are wearing traditional clothing, Lien in Datang, Night City; In Datong, Walking in front of the scenic spots in Yungang Grottoes、 continuous stream…… China Today,“ Wenbo 2024欧洲杯下注Hot” Hot、“ Cultural and Creative Wind” Dynamic blow、“ Poetry Hot” Rise, Traditional culture lights up the happy life of the masses。

   Propaganda ideological and cultural front uses the people's likes to hear、 The presentation method of elegant and vulgar appreciation, Promote the integration of the outstanding traditional culture of China into the daily life of the people。 In the integr2024欧洲杯下注ation of cultural tourism, People listen to the echo of civilization that spans time and space, Appreciate the new weather of Chinese culture。

   boost development confidence

   Gathering spiritual power

   New era concentric dreams and dreams, New journey Kaige。

   Propaganda ideological and cultural front-minded situation、 Grasp the trend, Give full play to th2024欧洲杯下注e role of value leading, Persist in unity and stability and encouragement、 Positive publicity, Constantly strong confidence、 Gathering Heart、 Warm people's heart、 Build a concentric heart。

  2023 year, It is one year for economic recovery and development after the new crown epidemic prevention and control of the new crown epidemic。

   Pulse of the times, Propa2024欧洲杯下注ganda ideological and cultural fronts with strong ink、 Highlights Frequent economic propaganda and public opinion guidance, Fully reflect the development trend of China's economic recovery, Draw the magnificent picture of the giant wheels in China。

   Around the Central Economic Work Conference、 The spirit of important conferences such as the Central Rural Wo2024欧洲杯下注rk Conference, A series of publicity reports in-depth interpretation of the major judgment and work deployment of the Party Central Committee on the current economic situation in my country, Help concentric、 Jobs for development;

   Fighting to show high-quality development magnificent paintings,“ High-quality Development Research Bank”“ Four Seasons see Xinj2024欧洲杯下注iang” Vivid practice in various places; The main media of the central government opened“ Strong confidence· Open New Bureau”“ Rural Walk· Look at the revitalization” and other columns, Deepen the typical cases and live stories, Better reflects the toughness and vitality of the Chinese economy with a small opinion;

   Focus on promoting various policies and measures deeply rooted in people2024欧洲杯下注's hearts, In-depth interpretation of the Party Central Committee、 The important deployment of the State Council to promote the development of the private economy, Clearly release my country's recovery and expand consumption6 aspect20 Article measures、 Steady reduction policy and other policies for the first set of mortgage interest rates, Help the society's 2024欧洲杯下注expected continuous improvement;

   The problem of people's livelihood that is urgent and worried about the masses, Continue tracking the policy of optimizing and adjusting employment in various places, In-depth attention to the career development status of the new employment form workers, Fully show people's livelihood“ Temperature”、 Happiness“ texture”。

   2024欧洲杯下注Publicity and ideological and cultural fronts with powerful facts、 A vivid case、 A sub-reported report, Timely respond to social concerns, Explain the powerful measures to deal with challenges, Explain the hot issues that the market cares about, Effectively improve social expectations、 Confidence of boosting various types of business entities, Broadly conden2024欧洲杯下注sed consensus to promote high-quality development、 Promoting Chinese-style modernization synergy。

   Gathering spiritual power, The role of demonstration that cannot be separated from the role model。

  2023 year12 month,“ The Central Propaganda Department was awarded Comrade Bao Weizhong‘ Era Model’ Title” message brush screen, Within a week, Cumulative readin2024欧洲杯下注g volume of the entire network2.6 billion times。

  “ Pay tribute to the people's good judges”“ He uses his name to annotate life, He practiced vows with life”…… Netizens' sincere messages express my sincere respect for the model。

   From“ Era Model”“ The most beautiful character”“ Good Chinese” Extremely released, officially launched the ninth national moral m2024欧洲杯下注odel selection and commendation activity、 Holding the commendation conference to commend the national three-eight red flag bearer and the national nationwide construction macroelers; Carefully organized the 60th Learning Lei Feng Memorial Day, To pay tribute to flood and floods、 Rebellion of earthquake relief and reconstruction of post-disaster recovery、 Mortal good deeds……

   For a year, 2024欧洲杯下注Propaganda ideological and cultural fronts are about the example of the example、 Show the British model, Planting spirit in the whole society、 Cultivation of civilization, Gathering the spiritual motivation of upward and good。

   Literature and Art is the horn of the times, The style of the most represents one era, The atmosphere of the most leading era。

  2023 year,《 Changan 30,2024欧洲杯下注000 miles》《 Fengshen first: Chaoge Fengyun》《 Volunteer Army: Stars attack》 and other films are loved by the audience。2023 The total box office of my country in China is549.15 billion yuan, The number of viewers is12.99 billion。 Where, Domestic movie box office is460.05 billion yuan, The proportion is83.77%。

   TV series《 Ask the vast》 Inherit the Glory Tradition of Revolution, Long Fictio2024欧洲杯下注n《 Snow Mountain Earth》《 Baoshui》 Write a huge change in the motherland with delicate brushwork, TV series《 Welcome to Mai Le Village》 Show the great love of Chinese medical players in China……

   For a year, A large number of literary art masterpieces are constantly emerging, New story、 New image、 New melody、 New style expressing people's struggle, Passing the light of national spirit, Co2024欧洲杯下注ntinuously meet people's cultural needs、 Enhance people's spiritual power。

   Gathering spiritual power, Need to build a compatible full heart circle。

  2023 year11 month8 Day to10 Day, The World Internet Conference Wuzhen Summit was held, Millennium Ancient Town Blows Digital Fresh Wind。

   Fire cutting-edge technology, There is also a calm industry thinking。 2024欧洲杯下注In the ancient and elegant atmosphere of Wuzhen, A series of ideological spark passion collision on the future of digital futures。

   Hold2023 Year of the China Network Civilization Conference, Development“ Network China Festival” series theme activities…… Propaganda ideological and cultural front Focus on the main position of the work, Maintain the common sp2024欧洲杯下注iritual home of hundreds of millions of people。

   Carry out special operations to rectify self-media chaos, Strive to curb the spread of network angiography, Rectification of short video information content guidance bad problems…… Propaganda ideological and cultural front focuses on the main battlefield of public opinion struggles, Promote a good network ecology。

   For a year, Comprehens2024欧洲杯下注ive governance of network space is continuously improved、 The Internet ecology continues to improve、 Cyber ​​security barrier continuously builds, New steps for the construction of online power。

   Deepen civilization mutual learning

   Enhance people's hearts

  “ A flower can’t dress up beautiful spring, Baihua blends can make the world spring full garden。”

  22024欧洲杯下注023 year8 month22 Day, Johannesburg, South Africa。2023 Annual Vancouver Industry and Commerce Forum closing ceremony, General Secretary Xi Jinping's speech is straightforward。

   Show the world credible、 Cute、 Dear China image, Create multiple interaction、 Humanities exchange situations in all flowers, It is the responsibility and mission of publicity and cultural work。

   For a year, Propaganda 2024欧洲杯下注ideological and cultural front Insist on national standing、 Global Vision, More vividly shows the cultural connotation and spiritual power behind the Chinese story and its backbone, Promote the Chinese civilization in the exchange and mutual learning with other civilizations, Constantly rejuvenating new vitality。

   Enlightenment Chinese concept, Injecting a 2024欧洲杯下注strong mental motivation for the challenges of all countries to defeat the challenge。

  “ Acting with civilized exchanges beyond civilization barriers、 Civilization mutual learning beyond civilization conflict、 Civilized tolerance beyond civilization。”

  2023 year3 month15 Day, At the dialogue between the Communist Party of China and the high-level dialogue be2024欧洲杯下注tween the world party, General Secretary Xi Jinping proposed the global civilization initiative for the first time, Treatment of widespread attention at home and abroad。

   With the help of important platforms such as the Communist Party of China and the high-level dialogue of the world party, Propaganda ideological and cultural front introduces important con2024欧洲杯下注cepts such as global civilization initiative;

   China— Central Asia Summit and other activities are opportunities, Global View of the Time Development、 Development view、 Open View、 Cooperation concept, etc.;

   An announcement of the third session“ One Belt One Road” International Cooperation Summit Forum results,《 Global artificial intelligence governance initiative》 Become artif2024欧洲杯下注icial intelligence development、 Safety、 Chinese Plan for Governance;


   Through multiple languages、 All kinds of media、 Different channels, Chinese claims that contain the common value of all human beings、 Chinese solution goes to the world, It provides conceptual ideas and methods for the common development and prosperity of human society。

   Chinese solution goes to the world, China 2024欧洲杯下注Charm Story Global。 The splendid Chinese culture, Let the world better understand Chinese civilization。

  2023 year4 month, Spring Day Flower Similar brocade, Located in Songyuan Yishan Water in the foothills of Baiyun Mountain, Don't have style。

   General Secretary Xi Jinping invites French President Macron Strolling Lingnan Garden, Sit in water, Viewing Pro2024欧洲杯下注ducts。 Millennium Guqin played a song《 Flowing》, Appreciation of the heads of state of the two countries。

  “ Learn about China today, Start from understanding the history of China”, General Secretary Xi Jinping speaking ancient and modern, firm indication“ We are full of confidence in China's development prospects”。

  “ In these two days, Our communication and friendly depth, Let me furth2024欧洲杯下注er appreciate China's long and splendid historical culture, I have enhanced the understanding of the concept of governing the country in modern China。” Macron said deeply。

   Promote Chinese culture to better move towards the world, General Secretary Xi Jinping set a glorious model for publicity and ideological and cultural front。

   For a year, Publicity and ideological and cultural front2024欧洲杯下注s use Overseas cultural positions、 With many cultural forms and cultural carriers, Promote the continuous improvement of the international influence of Chinese civilization。

   Through“ World Chinese Studies Conference· Shanghai Forum” Speaking, We found, More and more countries pay attention to Chinese culture、 Research Chinese civilization;

   Enter2023 year2024欧洲杯下注“ Read China” International Conference site, Foreign guests frankly, The key to understanding China should understand Chinese-style modernization;

   Come to the first Orchid Award、 The first Golden Panda Award selection and awards event, The judge firmly believes, China will actively promote the conversation and cooperation between more countries in various countries;

   Started in the 752024欧洲杯下注th Frankfurt Book Fair, Reader said, Books as media and bridge, Can help the world understand China。

   The charm of Chinese culture attracts the eyes of the international community, To better understand China、 Read the Chinese People's、 ​​Read the Communist Party of China、 Reading the Chinese nation opened a fan window:

   In Chengdu, Grand Canal Holy Fire Bear Burning, Youth and Dreams s2024欧洲杯下注timulate the stadium;

   In Hangzhou, The light of the Asian Games illuminates the shore of Xizi Lake, Ancient Eastern countries opened their arms to the eight parties;

   In Shanghai, Wan Shang gathered on both sides of the Pujiang River, The Expo will fully restore offline exhibitions for the first time after the new crown epidemic;

   In Guangzhou, The person in charge of the world's mai2024欧洲杯下注nstream media gathers the World Media Summit, For the better future for human beings to find development for development、 Contributing media power。

   Nearby Yue, Far,。 Now, A crescent China, It is open and inclusive mind、 The spirit of guarding the innovation is displayed in front of the world。

   Looking at the eyes again, Geng Yun Fan stands around。

  2024 The curtain of th2024欧洲杯下注e year has been opened。 Looking back to the road, We are full of love; Looking forward, We confident 100 times。

   On the new journey, Under the strong leadership of the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core, Under the guidance of Xi Jinping's cultural ideology and science, Work together to create a new culture belonging to our era、 Construction of modern civilizatio2024欧洲杯下注n of the Chinese nation, Propaganda ideological and cultural fronts、 String forward。

  ( Xinhua News Agency Beijing1 month2 Dynasties   Reporter Wang Ziming、 Wang Peng、 Gao Lei、 Wang Mingyu)

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