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2024欧洲杯下注2024欧洲杯下注The rich connotation of Xi Jinping's cultural thoughts deeply( In-depth study and implementation of Xi Jinping's new era of socialist thought with Chinese characteristics)

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Culture is related to the country、 National Games, Culture Xingxing is Xingbi, Culture Strong and National Strong。 Since the 18th National Congress of 2024欧洲杯下注the Communist Party of China, General Secretary Xi Jinping focuses on promoting the 2024欧洲杯下注new situation, new situation, new situation, new situation, 2024欧洲杯下注new situation and new situation, Stand in the global and strategic height, Make a series of important expositions and instructions, Guide the new era of propaganda ideological and cultural work to achieve historic achievements, Formed Xi Ji2024欧洲杯下注nping's cultural thought。 This important idea, Deeply answered what flags of cultural construction in the new era、 What way to go、 What principles to persist、 What goals to achieve fundamental questions, It is the theoretical summary of the practical experience of party leadership in the new era, Rich and developed Marxist cultural theory, Cultural articles 2024欧洲杯下注that constitute Xi Jinping's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics, It marks the new height of our party's understanding of the laws of socialist cultural construction with Chinese characteristics。 This important ideological connotation is very rich、 The discussion is extremely profound, Usage of Ming Dynasty、 Table of use。 We need to grasp the m2024欧洲杯下注ajor innovative perspective contained in it、 Scientific methodology and important strategic deployment, Deeply understand its core essence。

Deeply understand the party's cultural leadership。 Adhering to the party's cultural leadership is a major event related to the future and fate of the party and the country。 Looking back at the party history of more than 2024欧洲杯下注a hundred years, Whether it was the Revolutionary War, 2024欧洲杯下注the leader created the Chinese left-wing writer alliance、 Hold the Yan'an Literature and Art Symposium, After the founding of New China“ Baihua Qi Fang、 Baijia contention” policy, Then I will persist after reform and opening up“ Serve the people、 Services for socialism” direction, All reflect that our party pays attention to adh2024欧洲杯下注erence to cultural leadership。 Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, General Secretary Xi Jinping attended the National Propaganda Ideological Work Conference twice, Literary work、 The work of the party's news and public opinion、 Network security and informatization work、 Philosophy Social Science Work、 The ideological and politic2024欧洲杯下注al work of colleges and universities、 Cultural inheritance and development hosted a meeting and delivered a series of important speeches, The flag insisted on and strengthened the party's comprehensive leadership for publicity and ideological and cultural work, Promote the construction of propaganda, ideological and cultural construction, open a new chapter。 In-depth l2024欧洲杯下注earning and understanding Xi Jinping cultural thought, We must firmly adhere to the party's cultural leadership., Fixed implementation of a series of new ideas, 2024欧洲杯下注new ideas and strategies on propagating ideological and cultural work with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core, Effectively transform our party's leadership advantages into a powerful driving force for the new and g2024欧洲杯下注lorious socialist culture。

Deeply understand the coordinated development of material civilization and spiritual civilization。 Show of World History, Modernization of a country, Requires the enhancement of material power, also requires enhancement of mental strength。 General Secretary Xi Jinping stands in the philosophical height of scientific grasping econom2024欧洲杯下注ic foundation and upper-level architectural relations, Make“ Socialism with Chinese characteristics is socialism for comprehensive development of material civilization and spiritual civilization”“ Chinese-style modernization is the modernization of material civilization and spiritual civilization.” Important expositions, Persistence and development of social2024欧洲杯下注ism with Chinese characteristics for the new era、 Promoting and expanding Chinese-style modernization provides scientific guidance。 Enter the new era, Our party vigorously promotes the spirituality of the Chinese Communist Party with the spirit of the great party foundation, Develop advanced socialist culture, Promoting revolutionary culture, Inherit the exc2024欧洲杯下注ellent traditional culture of China, Effective resistance to goldism、 Settonism、 Erotic trends such as extreme individualism and historical nihilism, Construction for a strong country、 Ethnic rejuvenation provides more active、 More powerful spiritual power。 In-depth learning and understanding Xi Jinping cultural thought, It is necessary to plan for the const2024欧洲杯下注ruction of material civilization and spiritual civilization, Adhere to economic construction as the centered on, At the same time, 2024欧洲杯下注put spiritual civilization construction at a more important position, Improve the degree of civilization of the whole society, Coordinating to promote the cultivation of civilization、 Civilized Practice、 Civilization creation, Promote the f2024欧洲杯下注ormation of ideas that meet the requirements of the new era、 Spiritual appearance、 Civilized Fashion、 Behavior specification, Ensure that the great cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics is stable and far away。

Deep understanding“ Two combinations”7246-7251。 General Secretary Xi Jinping profoundly summarized the historical experience of the Chinesei2024欧洲杯下注zation of Marxism, Deeply grasp the development law of Chinese civilization, Creative proposal and systematically explain“ Persist in combining the basic principles of Marxism with the specific actual situation of China、 Combined with Chinese excellent traditional culture”, It revealed the only way to open up and develop socialism with Chinese characteristic2024欧洲杯下注s on the basis of more than 5,2024欧洲杯下注000 years., It also revealed the only way for the party to promote theoretical innovation and cultural prosperity。 Enter the new era, Our party is insisting on using“ Two combinations” Constantly open the new realm of Sinicization of Marxism, Xi Jinping's thoughts of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era are“ Two 2024欧洲杯下注combinations” Glory model。 In-depth learning and understanding Xi Jinping cultural thought, We must adhere to the establishment of Marxism、 The foundation of the party and the country is not shaken, Persist in planting the fundamental country、 History and Culture of the nation and the development of Marxism continuously, Activate the excellent factor of vit2024欧洲杯下注ality in Chinese excellent traditional culture with Marxism and give new era connotations, Inject the great spirit and rich wisdom of the Chinese nation into Marxism in a deeper level, Effectively connects the essence of Marxist thought with the essence of Chinese excellent traditional culture, Fusion to a new theoretical advantage, Constantly climbing new ideological peaks。

Deep underst2024欧洲杯下注anding of new cultural mission。 The Communist Party of China has a high degree of cultural consciousness, Since its establishment, 2024欧洲杯下注it has taken the initiative to take the initiative to the mission of the Chinese nation's new culture that builds the nation's science, Dedicated to build a cultural prosperity、 Socialist China with prosperity of civilization。 Enter the new 2024欧洲杯下注era, General Secretary Xi Jinping uses a magnificent global vision and deep historical insights to locate the party's cultural responsibility, Proposal“ Continue to promote cultural prosperity at a new starting point、 Build a cultural power、 Construction of modern civilization of the Chinese nation” This new era and new cultural mission, Enhance the inherit2024欧洲杯下注ance of civilization for us、 Historical consciousness of cultural innovation, better build the modern civilization of the Chinese nation, Rich and develop new forms of human civilization, 2024欧洲杯下注pointing forward。 In-depth learning and understanding Xi Jinping cultural thought, We must consciously assume a new cultural mission, Accelerate the matching with my country's prof2024欧洲杯下注ound cultural heritage and rich cultural resources、 Adapt to the overall layout and strategic layout of the socialist cause with Chinese characteristics in the new era、 Socialist cultural power in the socialist culture inherited by the construction of rich, strong, democratic civilization, 2024欧洲杯下注harmonious and beautiful socialist modern power, Provide ideological guarantees for contin2024欧洲杯下注uously creating a new situation of the party and the country、 Public opinion support、 Psychodynamic and cultural conditions。

Deep understanding firm cultural self-confidence。 Cultural self-confidence is more basic、 More extensive、 Deeper self-confidence, Is a country、 The most basic in the development of a nation、 deepest、 The most long-lasting power, A nati2024欧洲杯下注on with cultural self-confidence can stand up、 Stable standing、 Far travel, The subjective culture can lead to leading、 Cohesion、 Shaping、 Radiation。 firm cultural self-confidence, It is a matter of the first thing to get away from the country and fortune、 It is related to cultural security、 big problems related to national spiritual independence, It reflect2024欧洲杯下注s our party's high consciousness of consolidating cultural subjectivity。 For a long-established cultural country like China, To successfully achieve modernization, We must continuously consolidate cultural subjectivity, Cultural self-confidence and self-reliance、 Mental independent guarantee and support modernization construction。 Enter the new era, General 2024欧洲杯下注Secretary Xi Jinping gives important instructions on promoting the outstanding traditional culture of China, Concrete and summarize the excellent traditional culture of China many times, For our firm cultural self-confidence、 Maintain the direction of cultural subjectivity。 Our party conducts a comprehensive mining of civilized treasure houses for more than 5,2024欧洲杯下注2024欧洲杯下注000 years with Marxism., In-depth implementation of the development project of the excellent traditional culture inheritance, Construction of iconic cultural projects such as the China National Edition Museum, Deeply reveals the unique spiritual logo of Chinese culture, The subjectivity of the Chinese national culture is more vivid。 In-depth learning and und2024欧洲杯下注erstanding Xi Jinping cultural thought, Must always strengthen historical self-confidence、 Cultural self-confidence, Persist in ancient use in ancient times、 Public outlet, Persist in the Chinese cultural position, Inherit the Chinese Cultural Gene, Constantly convert cultural self-confidence into a strong country construction、 In the process of national rejuvenation, 2024欧洲杯下注2024欧洲杯下注adhere to the determination of the right way、 The motivation of moving forward and the vitality of reform and innovation。

Deeply understand and practice the core values ​​of socialism。 Core values ​​are the deepest elements that determine the nature and direction of the cultural nature and direction。 Cultivating and promoting the core values ​​of socialism i2024欧洲杯下注s condensed soul gathered、 Basic Engineering of Strong Bente Foundation。 Enter the new era,“ Promote the core values ​​of socialism” Written into the constitution, The General Office of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China《 Opinions on cultivating and practicing the core values ​​of socialism》, Central Committee of the Communist Party of Chi2024欧洲杯下注na、 The State Council prints《 Outline of the implementation of citizens' moral construction in the new era》 and other guiding files, Broadly promotes the core values ​​of socialism, Promote the normalization of ideals and belief education, Improve the ideological and political work system, Establish and improve the honorary commendation system for the honor 2024欧洲杯下注of the party and the country, Carry out the establishment of the Communist Party of China100 Anniversary、 Establishment of the People's Republic of China70 Anniversary and other major activities, The whole society is increasingly high、 Positive energy atmosphere is getting stronger。 In-depth learning and understanding Xi Jinping cultural thought, It is neces2024欧洲杯下注sary to give full play to the leading role of the core values ​​of socialism, Strengthen education guidance、 Public opinion publicity、 Cultural influence、 Practice development、 System guarantee, Integrate the core values ​​of socialism into the construction of the rule of law、 Integrated into social development、 Incorporate daily life。

Deep understanding of 2024欧洲杯下注the dominance of public opinion under information conditions、 Broadcasting social consensus。 Today's World, Information Technology Daily, Digital、 Network、 Intelligent development, Public opinion dominance under the conditions of informatization has become an inevitable requirement for consolidating and strengthening mainstream ideological and culture。 Enter 2024欧洲杯下注the new era, Corresponding to the new situation, 2024欧洲杯下注new tasks, Under the strong leadership of the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core, Our melody、 Inspiring Essence, Coordinated online and lower Internet、 Internal and Outside Park, Consolidate the mainstream ideological public opinion of the new era, Marxism's guiding position in the field of ideology is c2024欧洲杯下注onstantly consolidating, The common ideological foundation of the whole party and the people of unity and struggle of the people of the whole country is constantly consolidating, The theory of innovation of the party is deeply rooted in people's hearts, The credibility of the party and the government is continuously enhanced, The cohesion of the whole societ2024欧洲杯下注y has greatly improved。 In-depth learning and understanding Xi Jinping cultural thought, It is necessary to fully implement the ideological work responsibility system, Strengthen online social management, Promote the integration and development of traditional media and emerging media, Strengthen the construction of the entire media communication system, Shap2024欧洲杯下注e the new pattern of mainstream public opinion, Forms online and Internet concentric circles。

Deep understanding the people-centered work orientation。 The people-centered work orientation is a distinct position for our party leadership and promoting cultural construction, It is the specific manifestation of the people-centered development ideas in publicity 2024欧洲杯下注and cultural undertakings, Fully demonstrated the nature and original mission of our party。 Enter the new era, Our party promotes the comprehensive development of cultural undertakings and cultural industries, The Central Committee of the Communist Party of China is issued《 Opinions on the development of socialist literature》 other important documents, Const2024欧洲杯下注antly improving the public cultural service system, greatly enrich the spiritual and cultural life of the people。 All public libraries in my country、 Cultural Museum、 Comprehensive Cultural Station、 Art Museum and90% Free open opening, Go to the library、 Museum、 Science and Technology Museum has become an important lifestyle for the people of the people。 In-2024欧洲杯下注depth learning and understanding Xi Jinping cultural thought, Must adhere to the people-centered work orientation, Respect the people's subject status, Guarantee people's cultural rights and interests, Improve the quality of public cultural services and the quality of the development of the cultural industry, Provide high-quality cultural supply to continuou2024欧洲杯下注sly meet the people's diverse and multi-level spiritual and cultural needs, Constantly enhance people's sense of culture、 Happiness sensation。

Deeply understand the protection of historical and cultural heritage。 Historical and cultural heritage carries the genes and blood of the Chinese nation, Protection of historical and cultural heritage is an important 2024欧洲杯下注basis for promoting cultural heritage and development。 General Secretary Xi Jinping attaches great importance to the protection of historical and cultural heritage and makes important instructions:“ Carefully guard the cultural heritage left by the ancestors, Let the historical context be better passed down。” Enter the new era, General Secretary Xi Jinping f2024欧洲杯下注rom retaining cultural pulse、 Strategic strategy of keeping the soul of the nation highly cares and promotes the use of historical and cultural heritage protection and utilization work, Two archeological work presided over the collective study of the Central Political Bureau, For cultural relics、 Archaeological、 Non-heritage, 2024欧洲杯下注etc.170 The remaining instruct2024欧洲杯下注ions instructions, Research and inspection in person100 Many historical and cultural heritage, Repeatedly instructed to protect the cultural heritage。 Guide in person in General Secretary Xi Jinping、 Polite yourself, Gradually figured out the home bottom of our cultural heritage resources, The awareness of the protection of cultural relics in the whole socie2024欧洲杯下注ty is significantly enhanced, Chinese civilization exploration source project、 Chinese Ancient Books Protection Plan、 Chinese traditional crafts revitalization plan and other in-depth implementation, Cultural Heritage Protection and Utilization Work continues to reach a new level。 In-depth learning and understanding Xi Jinping cultural thought, You must pers2024欧洲杯下注ist“ Protection 1、 Strengthen management、 Digging value、 Effective use、 Let the cultural relics live” New era cultural relic work policy, Continuously improve the system of cultural relics protection system, Reinforcement system protection、 Overall protection, Comprehensive improvement of cultural relics protection and utilization level, Let the Chinesewen p2024欧洲杯下注ulse stretch for a long time、 Civilized salary fire generations passed down from generation to generation。

Deeply understand the construction of Chinese discourse and Chinese narrative system。 Development of great powers is both the development of hard power, It is also an improvement of soft power。 Since the reform and opening up, We have achieved world-ren2024欧洲杯下注owned development achievements, International status and international influence greatly increased, But to a certain extent in the international public opinion field“ It is reasonable”“ Can't open it”“ Purnishing the bark” Questions。 Enter the new era, General Secretary Xi Jinping's book keen grasping the changes of the world、 Changes in the era、 Changes of 2024欧洲杯下注History, To construct China's independent knowledge system、 Improve the effectiveness of international communication and make a comprehensive top-level design, Promote the creation of an international communication system with distinctive Chinese characteristics, my country's international discourse rights have improved significantly, It created a favorable 2024欧洲杯下注external environment for reform and development。 From explaining the road of China、 Build a Chinese theory, To tell Chinese stories、 Propagate Chinese Voice, Then share Chinese experience、 Contribute Chinese wisdom, China International Image today“ Self-plastic” Significant capacity enhancement, The status in the global discourse pattern is from“ Passive” Tu2024欧洲杯下注rn into“ Active”, There are more and more people who treat China rationally and objectively。 In-depth learning and understanding Xi Jinping cultural thought, It is necessary to speed up the construction of Chinese discourse and Chinese narrative system, Strengthen the construction of international communication capabilities, Good at telling Chinese theory wi2024欧洲杯下注th Chinese stories、 Explain Chinese practice with Chinese discourse, Put our institutional advantage、 Development advantage is truly transformed into discourse advantages, Efforts to form international discourse rights that match my country's comprehensive national strength and international status。

Deep understanding of promoting civilization exchanges and 2024欧洲杯下注mutual learning。 Civilization is colorful because of communication, Civilization is enriched due to mutual learning, Civilized exchange and mutual learning is an important driving force for promoting the progress of human civilization and world peaceful development。 The Communist Party of China seek happiness for the Chinese people、 The party that conspire t2024欧洲杯下注he revival for the Chinese nation, Also progress for human beings、 The party conspiring Datong for the world, Always stand on the correct one side of history, Standing on the side of the progress of human civilization。 Enter the new era, General Secretary Xi Jinping starts from the perspective of human history, Speaking of global culture in many major international occasions、 A series of 2024欧洲杯下注Chinese stances of the development and exchange of civilization、 China Plan, Put forward the concept of building a community of human destiny and co-construction“ Belt and Road 1” Initiative、 Global Development initiative、 Global Security initiative、 Global Civilization initiative and a series of major propositions, Begamed for strong power politics in trad2024欧洲杯下注itional international relations、 Civilized conflict、 The narrowness of the thinking of the jungle law, Answer“ Where can humans go”14258-14272。 From“ Belt and Road 1” International Cooperation Summit Forum to the Asian Civilization Dialogue Conference, Then go to the Chinese Communist Party of China and the high-level dialogue with the world party, In the new era, 2024欧洲杯下注2024欧洲杯下注the Chinese Communists used practical actions to inject strong motivation to promote the progress of human civilization。 Big Times requires a big pattern, The big pattern calls the big mind。 In-depth learning and understanding Xi Jinping cultural thought, We must always insist on the world, Draw all the achievements of human excellent civilization with a com2024欧洲杯下注patibility attitude, To promote Chinese culture to go global with a confident and open attitude, To crack the common problems of human beings、 Promoting the construction of a community of human destiny made due contributions。

Xi Jinping's cultural ideology is high and far away、 Bobo and profound, Reflected theory and practice、 Dialectics of epistemology and methodology, To do a good job 2024欧洲杯下注of promoting ideological and cultural work in the new era and new journey、 Dressing a new cultural mission provides a strong ideological weapon and scientific action guide。 Central Party School( National Academy of Administration) We must continue to practice consciously“ Breeding for the party、 Delivery for the party” The original mission of the original he2024欧洲杯下注art, Give full play to the role of the main position of cadre education and training, Combination and implementation《 Regulations on the work of cadre education and training》 and《 National Cadre Education and Training Plan(2023—2027 Years)》, Strive to talk about the permission、 Talking about the rich connotation and core of Xi Jinping's cultural thoughts and 2024欧洲杯下注cores, Promote the majority of party members and cadres to thoroughly understand the position viewing method contained in it, Systems grasp its strategic deployment and practice requirements。 Give play to the role of the party's ideological and theory to build the role of life forces, Strengthen the propaganda explanation of Xi Jinping's cultural thought, A 2024欧洲杯下注positive lecturer of the good party's innovation theory、 Marxism's firm maintenanceer in the ideological field、 Reliable vanguard of guiding social trends with the party's ideology。 Give full play to the role of philosophy and social science research institutions and important think tanks, Strengthen the systemic research on Xi Jinping's cultural thought、 L2024欧洲杯下注earning Activity Explanation, Research on major theories and practical issues of publicity and ideology and culture, Provide reference for party and state decision-making。 Give full play to the role of important platforms for external communication, Tell the story of Chinese stories in the new era、 The Story of the Communist Party of China, To comprehensivel2024欧洲杯下注y promote the construction of a strong country、 The great cause of national rejuvenation has made due contributions。

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