Department Introduction

Current position:

 2024欧洲杯下注 a、 Basic functions

        Under the leadership of the school party committee, Implement 2024欧洲杯下注the party's route、 policy、 Policy, Policies and policies of execution of superior leadership departments, The ideological work in charge of the school、 Theoretical learning、 News、 The functional departments of spiritual civilization construction and campus culture construction, Create a good public opinion and cultural atmosphere for school reform and development, Provide strong thoughts and political guarantees。

   2、 Main job responsibilities of 2024欧洲杯下注the Propaganda Department of the Party Committee

       According to the Central Propaganda Department、 Regulations of the Documents of the Ministry of Education, The main responsibility of the Propaganda Department of the Party Committee is“ Six coordination”。

  1. Coordinating school ideological work

  (1) Responsible for organizing the implementation of the party's ideological construction、 Theoretical learning and publicity work;
  (2) Organize the stu2024欧洲杯下注dy and supervision and guidance of the theoretical center of the party committee at the school college;
  (3) Responsible for the implementation of supervision and guidance of the conscious work responsibility system for the party committee of each second-level unit;
  (4) Overall the management of various positions of school ideology。

  2. Coordinate promoting the cultivation and practice of socialist core values

  (1) Responsible for the promotion 2024欧洲杯下注and education of the core values ​​of socialism;
  (2) Coordinating the core values ​​of socialism to enter the classroom teaching、 Social practice、 Enter campus culture work。

  3. Coordinating school campus culture construction

  (1) Responsible for the construction of school spiritual civilization;
  (2) Planning for the construction of school culture、 deployment and macro management;
  (3) Responsible for university cu2024欧洲杯下注lture research、 School image design and shaping work;
  (4) Guide to the cultural construction of the Ministry of Education, All cultural facilities of the school。

  4. Coordinated school news publicity guidance

  (1) Organization implementation responsible for news and publicity work inside and outside the school;
  (2) Responsible for the Chinese website of the school homepage、 News Network、 School News、 Official WeChat、 Weibo、 The construction man2024欧洲杯下注agement and operation and maintenance work of the media platforms such as Douyin and other schools;
  (3) Standard albums that reflect the achievements of school running、 Publicity video、 Publications and other promotional materials production;
  (4) Responsible for the construction of the school's external image, The Department of Institute of Guidance to carry out foreign publicity work。

  5. Coordinating school network culture construction and management

  (1) Coordinating sch2024欧洲杯下注ool network culture construction work;
  (2) Responsible for the construction of the school's new media alliance;
  (3) Responsible for school public opinion response。

  6. Coordinating the ideological and political work of teachers in schools

  (1) Promote the basic theory of the party、 major topics of contemporary society and Marxist theoretical research;
  (2) Relying on various propaganda platforms, Development“ Four 2024欧洲杯下注You” Good teachers Typical trees and examples to promote。